Every Bush Afire book cover by Kyle Peters

Every Bush Afire

Kyle Peters

What if you could live your life in intimate conversation with God? What if you could really hear his voice and see him at work in supernatural ways while going about the everyday stuff of your normal life?

Kyle was a Christian, but a functional deist. Even as a young pastor he was living his life as if God was distant and really not that interested. Then God broke through.

One step at a time, Kyle began to see himself as a loved son, to live in the real embrace of the Father’s heart, and to walk with the Spirit.

Kyle’s story shines a light on a pathway to hear and interact with God in the midst of the mountains, valleys, and even the mundane moments of everyday life. His story will show you the way to a naturally supernatural walk with God, and the path begins right where you are.

Critical Praise for Every Bush Afire

“Believing in God is one thing. Hearing from Him, quite another. But to entertain the baffling reality of His nearness—our oneness with God, in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit? That’s the invitation waiting for you in this powerful book.”
Brit Eaton, author of The Uncovery 

“Kyle Peters makes one truth crystal clear. God is on the move!  Integrating stirring personal narrative with keen biblical insight, Every Bush Afire will awaken the reader to the manifest Presence of the Lord and open closed eyes to the movement of God’s Kingdom in daily life.”
Terry Wardle, author of Some Kind of Crazy 

“You will be stirred and inspired through Kyle’s potent personal stories and real life testimonies on cultivating and walking in friendship with Jesus. I was stuck by his ability to take the mystical and make it relatable. You’ll be blessed by this message and ignited and set aflame! “
Micah Level, bestselling author of Set Apart For Him

Praise from real readers:

“Peters’ writing is electric, charged with a power beyond the words on the page.” – J Bergeson

“Two days is all it took for me to finish reading this book. Was it because it was an easy read? Partially. The truth is this book was full of wonderful stories and insights into what it’s like to have an intimate relationship with our creator. So much so that I just couldn’t stop reading it.” – BuckeyeGuy

“I loved reading this book and having a front row seat in watching Kyle struggle, have victory and struggle again in his journey in life and with God. Kyle pulls no punches, it’s beautifully raw and honest.” – Deb Paxton

“I read the book in one sitting, could not put it down. It helped me to re-center and helped to remind me of what is truly important, a close and intimate walk with the Lord and reminded me of who I am in Christ, a much loved son.” – William R. Burns

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