Lawless anthology book cover


Alli Prince

Welcome to Covenant, a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Earth where technological advancement has come to a jarring halt and resources are sparse. The Journeymen, a group of people chosen by a mysterious deity called Donumdonair, must struggle through treacherous deserts inhabited by two tyrannical tribes─the fierce Desperados and The Order of Kosmoa. The Journeymen must fight against the destruction and desires of the world around them as they strive to survive.

Inspired by the book of Judges, watch as Donumdonair chooses the most unlikely heroes to showdown with demons, triumph over armies, and fight the galactic battles that rage around and in them.

Presented by The CompanyLawless showcases the work of fourteen emerging Christian authors. Featuring short stories by Chris Babcock, Jonathan Babcock, Abigail Bales, Anita DeVries, Elijah Fitz, Megan Flahive, Katelyn Flatt, Nicole Gusto, Vannah Leblank, Drake McDonald, Brad Pauquette, Alli Prince, Matthew Sampson, and Thirzah.

Critical Praise for The Librarian’s Ruse

“A debut novel filled with romance, sibling rivalry, and the difficult decisions of staying true to oneself, The Librarian’s  Ruse delivers on all accounts.”
Kim Catron, #1 Bestselling author of Threshing of Straw 

“This enchanting story drew me in and had me turning pages right to the very end. The characters were a delight to get to know. I’m already looking forward to the next installment!”
Rebekah Olson, author of Spell Caster

“An amazing young adult fantasy novel! The Librarian’s Ruse is a great adventure, and Thirzah is a new author to watch!”
Brad Pauquette, author of Sejal: The Walk for Water

Both mysterious and delightful, The Librarian’s Ruse nails the pulse of young adults craving a fantastic world of charming romance, turbulent suspense, and engaging identities.”
NeShea Jenifer, author of PoetrEmotions

“From the start I was swept into another world. The writing is brilliant! Thirzah invites the reader to imagine countless possibilities while clinging to hope that things will resolve for the characters who have won our hearts. I will be nagging the author for the sequel.”
Kyle Peters, author of Every Bush Afire

Praise from real readers:

“The Librarian’s Ruse is a YA novella with lots of fun themes: mercenaries, librarians, sibling rivalry, intrigue, and a smart, introspective protagonist. Two siblings–Amelia and Leon–make a high-stakes decision to become secret imposters in a royal court. This tension line stays taut throughout the book, making it a fast-paced read.” – Emily Hitchcock

I loved it! It is a perfect book for anyone who likes fantasy adventure books with a touch of adorable romance.” – Shelby Little

“Gripping story with sibling dynamics, great stakes, and wonderful prose you’ll want to highlight and quote. Great read even if you’re not a fan of fantasy!” – Rob K.

“I absolutely loved this book from the beginning to the end. It had me constantly wanting to know what would happen and I could not put it down even while it was into the night. The story settings and the overall dynamics of the characters were really great to read and the whole dialogue just felt natural and easy going throughout the book.” – Abi

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