by Celeste Ashley
Memories poem by celeste ashley

Lurking in the mind’s shadows
Dormant seeds awaiting spring
Fraying, dimming at the edges
 A mouse fleeing a hawk
 A decaying flower
 A dream unraveling
 Wind whipping where it will
 Wandering willfully
 Without asking leave
Endlessly made
Never unmade (Though sometimes forgotten.)
Some ice-cream sweet
 sun-shine warm
  bubbling-brook calm
Some mid-night dark
 heavy-heart tired
  trembling-breath sad
All muddy-rainbow weaving
 fact with fiction
 anguish with bliss
 beginnings with middles
Until the unfinished story ends.

Written by the Master Poet
Who (with perfect reminiscence)
Recalls our dusty frame
Recollects our fallen state
Yet renews us for His glory.

Celeste Ashley

Celeste Ashley teaches essay writing and literature analysis to middle schoolers (and especially relishes introducing them to poetry!). When she's not planning lessons or grading papers, Celeste enjoys strolling through used bookstores, watching movies with her family, caring for her flower garden, and organizing (anything and everything).

1 Comment

  1. Shawn Marie

    What a beautiful poem! Very thoughtful yet lyrical. Kudos to this author.

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