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by The Pearl Team
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Every Bush Afire book cover by Kyle PetersAlmost a year ago, we released Every Bush Afire by Kyle Peters. So many people have read this book and reported back to us how it changed something in their relationship with God.

We want to help you share that experience.

Kyle Peters has written an exceptional study guide to accompany Every Bush Afire, and you can download it 100% free here.

This study guide will lead you through the book with discussion starters and thought-provoking questions to get group talking.

This guide was written with a small group in mind, but it would also be helpful for individuals or in a larger group setting. Kyle has done the hard work for you, so that you can easily facilitate and engage with Jesus through this book.

Download the study guide here

And if you haven’t yet read Every Bush Afire, you can find it here on Amazon. After you read it, let us know how you liked it.

The Pearl
The Pearl Team

The Pearl Team


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