Happy 4th of July!

by The Pearl Team

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Since The Pearl staff is mostly comprised of apprentices at The Company, we will be taking a two-week break because of the holiday.

If you love reading, take the opportunity to revisit some of the oldies on the site. “It’s Okay” by Vella Karman is a meaningful dive into a panic attack, “The Cactus Epistles” by Abby Bales is a heartwarming but bittersweet story of a cactus and his girl, and “The Betrayal” by Anna Garner is a frightening look at hope and tragedy.

If you’re into writing, July 1st, deadline for the Spring Writing Contest, is just around the corner. Polish off those stories and submit here!

We thank you all for following this magazine! We can’t wait to bring more stories to the light–for entertainment, and for the objectives of the Kingdom.

See you all after the 4th!

The Pearl
The Pearl Team

The Pearl Team


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