The Librarian’s Ruse by Thirzah now available!

by The Pearl Team
The Librarian's Ruse by Thirzah

We know you love our short stories. Ready for something book-length? We’ll make it easy: how about a novella?

The Librarian’s Ruse, by Thirzah, is now available from retailers worldwide. Find it on Amazon here.

The Librarian's Ruse by Thirzah


Amelia’s peaceful life as a librarian is cut short when she and her older brother Leon are sent on an errand to Eldnaire, the capital city of the vicious Vilnarian Empire. After witnessing a crime carried out in the woods, Amelia and Leon enter the capital only to be faced with an impossible choice: tell the truth and risk imprisonment, or lie and face far worse if they’re caught.

One deception leads to a dozen more, and before she can put an end to the lies, she and Leon are swept up into Vilnaria’s high society. Amelia finds an unlikely ally in Vilnaria’s handsome new ruler, Emperor Kyvir. But as the secrets and scandals continue to pile up and danger closes in on all sides, Amelia must decide once and for all what matters more: the truth…or her life?

Grab the book here on Amazon. (Don’t forget to leave an honest review.)

Thirzah is the managing editor of this fine magazine. She’s also soon to be the first-ever graduate of The Company’s apprenticeship program.

Thirzah was born in the Netherlands, but grew up in Maryland. Learn more about Thirzah and connect with her on her website,, and find her on Instagram @thirzahwrites.

We think you’ll love this fantasy novella. Grab your copy and support Thirzah as this debut book goes out into the world!

The Pearl
The Pearl Team

The Pearl Team


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