We should have seen this coming… (Update on Lawless pre-orders)

by The Pearl Team
Surprise Lawless Oversold

Well…it turns out that we completely oversold our initial print run for Lawless! Thank you to everyone who said “Yes” to the Journeymen and Covenant. You guys are amazing, and we’re blown away by this response.

While that’s good news for us and for Christian fiction, it’s not so good news for all of our pre-orders.

We have more books on the way from the printer and we’ll be fulfilling those orders as soon as possible. We also had an issue with the original shipment from the printer, so most orders are delayed. Everything that has been ordered will be shipped by January 25 at the latest, hopefully much sooner.

If you’ve already placed a pre-order, and are anxious to get started reading, email us at info@pearlmag.co for a free e-book copy of Lawless.

In the meantime, you can now order the book directly from Amazon. Both e-book and paperback options will be available from Amazon on 1/18. Our supply issue will not impact the availability of Lawless on Amazon or other retailers.

[Order from Amazon]

At this point, our pre-order period is complete. The book will no longer be available for direct fulfilment from us, unless you’re looking for wholesale books or five or more books to use with a class or group.

The Pearl
The Pearl Team

The Pearl Team


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