Lawless: Available Worldwide

by The Pearl Team
Lawless Anthology by Alli Prince

Lawless releases worldwide today!

Lawless anthology book cover

Welcome to Covenant, a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Earth where technological advancement has come to a jarring halt and resources are sparse. The Journeymen, a group of people chosen by a mysterious deity called Donumdonair, must struggle through treacherous deserts inhabited by two tyrannical tribes─the fierce Desperados and The Order of Kosmoa. The Journeymen must fight against the destruction and desires of the world around them as they strive to survive.

Inspired by the book of Judges, watch as Donumdonair chooses the most unlikely heroes to showdown with demons, triumph over armies, and fight the galactic battles that rage around and in them.

Presented by The Company and developed by Alli Prince, Lawless showcases the work of fourteen emerging Christian authors. Featuring short stories by Chris Babcock, Jonathan Babcock, Abigail Bales, Anita DeVries, Elijah Fitz, Megan Flahive, Katelyn Flatt, Nicole Gusto, Vannah Leblank, Drake McDonald, Brad Pauquette, Alli Prince, Matthew Sampson, and Thirzah.

Lawless is now available from all major retailers! Grab your copy now from Amazon or, or ask for it by your name at your favorite local bookstore.

We partnered with The Company to produce this book, and we can’t wait to see what you think. This isn’t just more Christian entertainment, we believe this book brings real value to the Christian fiction market in a way that we’ve never seen before.

Read the story behind Lawless on The Company’s website here.

Already this book has surpassed expectations. We actually outsold our initial print-run pre-release. Read more about that here. This doesn’t impact availability with retails, so you can still grab your copy on Amazon. We’re eagerly anticipating your honest reviews.

When you purchase Lawless, you’re getting a great book that we’re confident you’ll enjoy and want to share, and you’re also supporting a new era of Christian fiction. Thanks for being part of the solution.


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The Pearl Team

The Pearl Team


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